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Adhesion, tack, work of adhesion

Solder Paste Tack

The TA.XT2i/HR Texture Analyzer can be used to conduct any of the ANSI, J-STD, MIL or IPC tests on solder paste adhesiveness and firmness. Most solder paste problems will relate either to poor shelf life, print life, and stencil life or to the effects of improper storage or sample handling. The adhesive performance of solder paste is also notoriously difficult to optimize with respect to matching the best solder paste (lead, no-lead, water soluble, semi-aqueous, etc) with its application, manufacturing process and chip sizes. Standard methods of Tack testing only records the peak force which does not always correlate with performance. Within this study we evaluate solder paste using a true adhesion test to measure tack, area, total distance to separate, and slopes for a more complete understanding of the paste.