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peak tack, work of adhesion, stringiness, adhesive-cohesive ratio, initial stiffness

PSA Tape Testing

TA.XTPlus studies of various pressure sensitive tapes have shown that the TA.XTPlus adhesive test produces repeatable results that better discriminate various tapes than conventional test methods. The discrimination holds true for a large number of test variables. TTC developed new probe designs involving modified TA-57 stainless steel cylinders to include a 1/2” radius on the bottom (the equivalent of the 25.4 mm ball probe used by Avery Dennison with their TA.XTPlus adhesive tester). TTC has concluded that the measured variability decreases when the probe with a radius is used, allowing better discrimination between tapes. Three brands of tapes were tested with the TA-303 fixture with a flat end and rounded end probes. The TA-57R 7mm diameter rounded end probe produced more consistent results.