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peak tack, work of adhesion, stringiness, adhesive-cohesive ratio, initial stiffness

Pressure Sensitive Tapes

This application study illustrates the capabilities of the TA.XTPlus in quantifying a wide variety of the adhesive properties of pressure sensitive tapes. We believe that many of the parameters which can be quantified with the Exponent software are not otherwise quantifiable with alternative instruments. This application study uses the same fundamental test to demonstrate a variety of adhesive principals. The basic structure of the adhesive test consists of applying a controlled amount of force onto a tape for a controlled period of time at a controlled speed. Once the duration of applied force is reached, the probe withdraws at a controlled speed to a controlled distance over the product’s original surface. We have used this adhesive test to illustrate the following: (i) differences between the adhesive characteristics of adhesive tapes, (ii) the impact of a differences in the duration of the applied force, (iii) the impact of different levels of applied force, and (iv) the impact of changes in the speed at which the probe withdraws from the adhesive. Twelve types of tape were tested to demonstrate the effect of varying the contact time of the applied force, varying the applied force, and varying the withdraw speeds. All of these parameters are controllable by the TA.XTPlus and can impact results of PSA tests.