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attrition coefficient

Powder Attrition

Many powders experience some degree of attrition as particles fracture, shear, chip, dust or wear down during production, transportation, storage and use. Granular, flake or delicate pellet-shaped particles are particularly prone to attrition. Powders may also compress or change shape during handling. Even though powders experience attrition, their change is often not enough to affect the powders’ flowability. Many powders, however, are either used in very precise applications which are extremely intolerant of any attrition or experience dramatic attrition which affects flowability. Measuring a powder’s likelihood to experience attrition with traditional methods has historically been difficult. In particular, generating a consistent work history and imposing a uniform new history has been nearly impossible. Additionally, to be applicable, the imposed work should mimic the aggressive or gentle experience which the powder will experience as it is used. Stable Micro Systems’ Powder Flow Analyzer, in conjunction with the TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer, is an excellent tool to quantify powder attrition precisely and repeatably.