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repeatability, sensitivity

Load Cell Repeatability & Sensitivity to Weight Used for Calibration Weight

Stable Micro Systems’ TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer can be used with the following capacity load cells: 500 grams, 5 kilos, 10 kilos, 30 kilos or 50 kilos. The TA.XTExpress Texture Analyzer can be used with 500 gram, 5 kilo, or 10 kilo load cells. Both of these texture analyzer models are typically sold with 2 kilo calibration weights for all load cells, except the 500 gram model. Customers occasionally ask whether test results would be improved if the load cells were calibrated with forces that were closer to the expected target force. This study reviews the repeatability and sensitivity of the load cells of different capacities and addresses whether sensitivity is impacted by calibrating the load cells with significantly different weights.