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hardness, firmness, rigidity, crust strength,

Jelly Beans

The rigidity of the jelly bean crust and the softness of the interior when bitten are the first perceptions the consumer has of this candy. Different brands will require different amounts of force to compress the candy in the mouth. The ability of a company to make jelly beans that are consistent is important for meeting consumer expectations of its product, and allows it to differentiate itself from its competitors. The firmness is also used as a quality control measure during production since the jelly beans need a certain amount of cool-room conditioning before they are firm enough to be coated without losing their shape. Jelly beans also harden with time, so firmness is an indicator of shelf life. The TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer was used to test three different brands of jelly beans to evaluate the rigidity of jelly bean crust and the softness of the interior.