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adhesion, stickiness, super glue

Fast Acting Glues - 3 Point Bend

It is difficult to test debonding behaviors for some adhesives such as “SuperGlue®”, “FutureGlue®” or “Krazy Glue®” cyanoacrylate adhesives for tack, shear or peel because they cure so rapidly. Their bonds are so strong it might take a great force to debond them in a butt-test style test. This study illustrates how to differentiate the adhesiveness of these products (and many others) by a three-point bend test on a special design of joined material. The test articulates the force required to break the bonds and an element of the flexibility of the bond as well. The method is useful (i) in a time series to quantify how the adhesives cure, and (ii) to determine how these materials bond among dissimilar materials.