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coating brittleness, hardness, pliability, stiffness, toughness

Dental Gums

We evaluated two test methods for characterizing the texture of dental chewing gums with the TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer. Dental chewing gums are a candy coated gum (e.g. like Chiclets) but are sugar free and have been shown to reduce plaque. We (i) punctured the gum pieces with a TA-52 2 mm diameter puncture probe and (ii) bent them using a TA-92 three-point bend rig. We purchased two brands of dental chewing gums, Arm & Hammer and Rite-Aid, at local stores. The products were each approximately 20 mm long, 10 mm wide and 6.5 mm thick. All measurements were conducted at room temperature (approximately 68o F).