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stiffness, firmness, mean shear force, toughness, TA-46 MORS Blade, TA-45 Incisor Blade

Cooked Burger Patty TA-45 Incisor vs. TA-46 MORS Shear

In this application study the shear characteristics of a cooked 85% lean burger patty were analyzed with two different small blades, the TA-45 Incisor Blade and the TA-46 MORS blade. Since each of these two blades are relatively small, multiple replicates can be conducted on each patty in a manner that does not disturb the adjacent test location. That allows multiple tests to be conducted on the same patty. The small blades also allow test locations to be selected to explore specific sections. In this instance the tests were conducted in a radial pattern to avoid the direct center of each patty.