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Cohesion, Travel over 120 seconds, time to travel 2.0mm

Cohesion of Lotions Pastes & Gels

The cohesiveness and adhesiveness of lotions, pastes, gels and adhesives are extremely important performance characteristics of the products. If the products are poorly cohesive they will spread too thin and not have the desired ‘body’. If they are too cohesive then they may be too stiff and too difficult to apply or spread. If the product does not have the correct balance of adhesiveness then consumers might perceive them as too sticky or too slippery. The TA.XTPlus family of texture analyzers can very precisely quantify relative adhesiveness and cohesiveness using the built-in adhesive test and a variety of probes. Often, however, companies want to specifically isolate the cohesiveness of a product from its adhesiveness. This study illustrates how the TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer can be used to isolate the cohesiveness of lotions, pastes, gels and adhesives. The cohesion strength of a broad range of different lotions, pastes, and gels was measured using the TA.XTPlus with a specialized sequence. The cohesion of the different samples was successfully analyzed and differentiated from adhesion.