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adhesion, cohesion

Adhesiveness of Bioadhesives

How To Measure The Adhesiveness Of Bioadhesives. Presentation to the Adhesive & Sealants Council in 1999. Texture Technologies has helped clients to design testing protocols for a wide variety of bioadhesive applications. While many of these bioadhesive products are common, the techniques to instrumentally quantify their adhesive properties are not. This paper also addresses testing techniques from which the bioadhesive industry can choose to measure the adhesiveness of their products. The paper includes a resource listing of the methods for measuring bioadhesives which are in a selection of published papers. Traditionally bioadhesive tests have involved some defined contact (contact force & duration) with the peak adhesion force captured upon debonding. This presentation discusses the complexity of bioadhesive-debonding behaviors and explain why testing must go beyond tracking only peak debonding forces.